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We LOVE Rupert! Especially in his yummy hat...

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www.freewebs.com/sog_project/ ( HP FANFIC STORY!!) [Mar. 11th, 2006|09:58 pm]
We LOVE Rupert! Especially in his yummy hat...



"The colour of truth is grey." - Andre Gide


The year 2004 proves to be another difficult year of the Wizarding Community. October 31st marks the fifth year of the Dark Lord's reign, and hope of reviving the world they once knew has sunken deeper into nothingness. And the Dark Lord does not only rule England - Europe is being bombarded by his forces and falling just as hard as this country did.

The nightmare of Pure-Blood rule is coming alive by the day as all those who oppose or do not fit the requirement slowly die. But, in the shadows of it all, unknown even to their own side, a group once commonly called the Order of the Pheonix still stands. Only they, along with the guide of their thought-to-be dead leader, Harry Potter, can bring peace back to not only England, but also the worldwide Wizarding community itself. But evil and insanity lurk in the most surprising of places, and, even with their inside information on his weakness, the world could still easily fall into the Dark Lord's hands - permenantly.

Nothing is just black and white - just many shades of grey.

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